February 19, 2016

Might & Magic Heroes VII - Free DLC Content Now Available

Ubisoft has announced that Might & Magic Heroes VII now has even more content, with the first of two free content downloads available now for players to get.

Unity is the first part of The Lost Tales of Axeoth, a free two-campaign downloadable content piece which brings scripts that were originally written for Heroes of Might & Magic IV to life. In Unity, players will take control of the Academy faction through the story of Genevieve Seymour, whose odyssey takes place in a new and unexplored world in the aftermath of the Reckoning. This event destroyed the world of Enroth and centenarian knowledge of magic. Genevieve aims to recollect the lost spells and to create a brand new philosophy of magic: the Theory of Unity. But her quest is not without pitfalls, as few sorcerers want to give up their precious knowledge.

With over 10 hours of content promised for the first piece, players are all set for a new adventure across 5 new maps. For all the details on what you can get with it, hit up the official site.

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