February 09, 2016

HITMAN Beta Starts This Week

Square Enix have released a trailer that gives players a glimpse into the world of Hitman, ahead of the beta starting this week. For those on PlayStation 4, the beta will begin on Febraury 12, for those on PC a week later on the 19th.

Labeled “The Prologue”, the Beta takes place twenty years before the Paris Showstopper mission. Set in a secret ICA training facility, the Prologue features a pivotal moment in Agent 47’s life - his introduction to the ICA and very first meeting with his future handler Diana Burnwood. The Prologue features two free-form training hits, which will introduce players to the features and mechanics of the upcoming HITMAN game. The Prologue will also be available as part of the first episode of HITMAN releasing March 11th, 2016.

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