January 29, 2016

Wuxia Inspired MMO Swordsman Lands On Steam

Swordsman, the epic kung fu mmo from Perfect World has landed on Steam, meaning its even more accessible than ever.

Set in the world of Chinese wuxia storytelling, Swordsman sends players on a journey to become the ultimate hero in the aftermath of a catastrophic massacre. After choosing from one of 10 martial arts schools, warriors will need to master legendary martial arts skills to become one with their weapons and engage their adversaries in intense PvP action.

Since the game launched in 2014, there have been countless updates that have provided players with all new content to explore, including weapons, dungeons and new guild and companion systems. The Steam release is just the next step in this games extraordinary journey as the will also get an all new expansion, a massive update that will introduce the first new class since launch and several other gameplay changes to fine-tune the Swordsman experience.

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