January 21, 2016

Slayer Steps Out of Shadows In SkyForge

Allods, Obsidian and have released an all new video for Skyforge that shows off an all new playable class, the Slayer. Check it out.

These new classes are for players who are able to control the endless fury of the Berserker, or for those that merely wish to remain unseen and become the unwavering assassins only described in legends. No matter which you chose, along with instant access to both the Berserker and Slayer, these also provide unique class costume variants, headwear, Argents, and other magnificent items to assist immortals on their journey.

Players can unlock this class now by purchasing one of three packs, but in order to be sure that the Slayer is the right class for you, check out all they can do on the official page.

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