January 18, 2016

Riot Games Ocean Week 2016 Kicks Off With a Splash

An abyssal terror is coming, and Riot Games needs you to defend your city!
In what is becoming a welcome trend, Riot Games are once again kicking off Ocean Week with a splash (ha). This year, they are offering participants the chance to have their summoner name immortalized in a community mural, which will be installed in a major Oceanic city. How do you participate? Easy. Enlist on their website here and play on the specified dates. The games need to be against other humans, so no antisocial behaviour allowed! The reward tiers themselves range from doubling the number of free champions playable on a given week, up to the aforementioned community mural.
In addition to playing matches, summoners can also get involved by entering in the Fan Art or the Cosplay competition (or both!). Should the community mural reward be unlocked, the winner of the Fan Art competition will get the opportunity to design the mural alongside a professional artist. Both competitions have an Ocean or Ocean Week theme (obviously), and cosplayers are encouraged to show themselves defending their city from the oncoming monster.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Riot Games way of doing things, last year’s Ocean Week event involved an artificial reef in the shape of popular champion Nautilus being launched off the coast of Australia. As testament to how thriving the Oceanic community, and by extension the League of Legends community in general, can be, participating summoners achieved the required point goal to get that reef in the water in only three days. To put some perspective on that, the event was supposed to run for eight days.
Further information (including a full breakdown of reward tiers and cities involved) visit their website here. If you’re interested, make sure you sign up before the event begins to score yourself a free 4-win IP boost.

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