January 14, 2016

Logitech Harmony Expands Seamless Control Throughout the Home

Logitech has announced the Harmony Companion, a new remote that allows you to control all your home appliances with your compatible mobile phone.

“Harmony is the accepted leader in home entertainment control, and now we’ve expanded that same experience throughout the smart home,” said Damian Lepore, MD of Logitech Australia. “As more connected devices make their way into consumer homes, the need for a centralised way to control them – and make them work in concert – becomes exponentially greater. Our new lineup does just that.”
Users with a compatible iPhone or Android mobile device can install the app and then create one-touch control of multiple products, letting you power on your TV, dim your lights, adjust the temperature and open your window shades—all at the same time. You can start or end an Activity with either a touch of your remote or mobile app, according to customisable schedules, or in response to sensors.

LIFX, Insteon, QIVICON, August, Honeywell, Kwikset, Lutron, the Nest Learning Thermostat, Philips hue, Schlage, SmartThings, Sylvania, and Yale  are among the brands and platforms joining the Harmony library of more than 270,000 compatible devices. 

Anyone interested in getting one of these can do so next month for $250AUD

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