January 14, 2016

Continue To Fight In Forsaken World: Awakening

Forsaken World is growing yet again, with its 16th expansion, yes 16th. Awakening continues the battle against the Storm Legion and the the inhabitants of Eyrda need to take control of the River Styx in order to continue their journey to Freedom Harbour. Awakening brings players to mouth of the river through the new map, the Ever Abyss, and introduces the Elemental Relics System and a level cap increase from 90 to 100. The expansion will be available on January 20th this year, so only a week from now.

After launching a successful counterattack against the Storm Legion during Vengeance, Eyrda’s military forces push their way up the River Styx and encounter a magic seal that blocks their path. In order to continue their journey, they must help Ayrshi, the Rose Princess, who will grant them special light or dark awakening powers to break the seal. Adventurers must begin their quest at the source of the River Styx – the Ever Abyss.

Forsaken World’s new map, the Ever Abyss, allows players to explore the depths of the underworld, while battling fierce creatures and participating in exciting new quests. Completing these challenges may earn them an Elemental Relic, a shard of ancient light that once contained great power. These relics can be upgraded in a new gear slot to increase character attributes. When infused with a Relic Spirit, the evolved relic will make characters even more powerful. While traversing the darkness of the Ever Abyss, players can also earn rewards by teaming up with others to defeat three new bosses and participate in new gear instances.

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