January 07, 2016

Arrow: The Dark Archer - Learn More About Malcolm Merlyn

From CW’s Arrow, actor John Barrowman is adding a pen to his quiver, joining creative forces with his sister Carole Barrowman (HOLLOW EARTH) to deliver the origin story of the very character he plays on TV! As Malcolm Merlyn settles into his new role as Ra’s Al Ghul—the leader of The League of Assassins, the sins of his past have come back to haunt him.

Arrow: The Dark Archer is set between the third and fourth seasons of the TV series, and also reveals what Malcolm was up to before he became the Dark Archer, the nemesis to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) early in the series.

TV Insider have the exclusive with an interview with John and Carole, a snippet you can find below, but be sure to head to the site to read the full interview.

What is the story you are telling in this series?
John Barroman: It’s Malcolm’s backstory. It opens between Seasons 3 and 4 of the TV show and then we flashback. Readers will learn about a younger Malcolm and how his past is… well, killing him.
Carole Barrowman: It’s set in places familiar to Arrow and DC fans like Corto Maltese and Nanda Parbat, but readers will see those places from quite different perspectives. Fans will also learn who Malcolm was before he met Rebecca, the love of his life.
John Barrowman: Since the show started, I’ve always been curious how Malcolm made his fortune. Where did his wealth come from? How did he finance his Merlyn Global Group? The answer to those questions shapes the main narrative in the story.
Carole Barrowman: But more personal events shape the secondary arcs.
John Barrowman: And Malcolm has sex!
Carole Barrowman: Ha, yes he does!

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