December 04, 2015

Star Wars Commander Gets Inspired By The Force Awakens

Star Wars Commander is getting an update to bring elements from the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens movie into it and players will get to learn some details about the new units and planets, all inspired by the new movie.

Players will now be able to relocate to, and engage in Conflicts on, the world of Takodana, as seen in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers.

Fans who engage in PVP Conflicts on Takodana will battle for two new Star Wars: The Force Awakens inspired mercenary units, the Dowutin Hunter and Luggabeast Munitioneer, and earn them as prizes for completing planetary Objectives. These new units will be permanently unlockable through a leveled-up Cantina and can be upgraded. For a limited time beginning December 4, players will also receive five free consumable units of each new mercenary by following directions when they log into the game.

Anyone who is looking to jump into the game can get it on their device of choice, for free, iOS, Android and Windows 10

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