December 15, 2015

SHODAN Returns in System Shock 3

SHODAN lives, after many years of nothing, SHODAN is making a return in System Shock 3, which is in early stages of development at OtherSide Entertainment.

Anyone can sign up to follow along with the development of the game and even hear a message from the AI. Key members of the original System Shock and System Shock 2 teams will be part of the sequel. This includes Paul Neurath, who oversaw the original series’ development; Nate Wells, a senior artist on System Shock 2; and Waters, the lead concept artist of both original games.

The path to bring the System Shock franchise forward was long and winding. Several years back, OtherSide secured the exclusive IP rights to all future versions of the franchise. Only recently, through partnership with Night Dive Studios, who owns the System Shock trademark, did OtherSide get the rights to use the System Shock name for the sequel.

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