December 07, 2015

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 3 The Last Place You Look - Review

I find myself becoming disinterested in Minecraft Story Mode, not because its bad or anything, it is just boring, I had hoped that after the letdown that was Episode 2, things might be better, but it does not seem to be the case.

The story starts off with our heroes being trapped inside a room with no exit and have been separated from Magnus and Elleegard beforehand, no outside help. The game does not slow down and right away, you are tasked with locating a way out, as well as still trying to find Soren, the man who might have what you need to save the world. The game does not slow down, once you are out of the room, the opening credits roll and this time, they are interactive, requiring you to keep your hands on the controls at all times, something the others have done little of. It is actually one of the most interactive parts of the episode, which is pretty bad when you think about it.

Once you are through and into the main bulk of the episode, there is little in the way of things to do, part of this is because you are in The End, but the rest of it depends on your choices. Once you get to Soren’s house, you can speak to one member of your group and the game speeds along from there, if you choose to speak to the others, you can learn more about things. Of course, speaking to the members of your party is always something that can enlighten, but here the characters appear to be stuck in the same mood for the length of the episode. Petra is still sick and refuses to tell anyone, Lukas is still complaining, though there is quite a funny recurring event that makes his complaints worthwhile. Axel and Olivia become even less important this time around and Ruben is still entertaining, though he does very little to move things along. The game has an interesting sequence with Endermen, which I won’t spoil, but there are discs around the place, where you can learn about them and the world, which might even grant some people insights into the main game.

The game still plays the same as the other episodes, but there are a few times when the camera can get pushed into a corner and the result is some over squashed shots. The audio actually cuts out frequently but I don’t mean that it stops working, the lines of dialogue being spoken by the characters will stop with words to go, based off the on screen subtitles. The music is still awesome and never repeats or grates on the nerves while you are exploring, a testament to how easy going it is.

This review is short, because once again the episode was short, I assume that if you don’t speak to one person right away, the length might be greater, but as you have no way of knowing who the person is, you might end up with a shortened experience. Couple that with the games technical issues and the third episode is in line with the second and does not give me a good feeling about the remaining two.

Thanks to Telltale Games for supplying the game fore review.

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