December 08, 2015

Games Perfect For A Christmas Delight

So it is that time of year again, the trees go up, tinsel is making a mess everywhere and people are hitting shops in the hopes of scoring that perfect present for their loved ones. When it comes to gaming, there are many different groups, so saying this is the best game to get is something of a challenge, instead here are the top 5 games, that would be welcome by almost every gamer.

This is the fifth home console entry of the popular series and is now bringing vehicles into the mix. Players can bring in cars, boats and planes and take the adventures to new places. The added bonus of all the previous content being compatible means that anyone who has collected even any of the previous Skylanders is already set.

The game starts off with Kaos narrating his previously failed plans as he tells the Portal Masters that he has captured Master Eon, Flynn, Cali, and Hugo. Now that Kaos has control of the portals, he tells the players that they are getting cut off from Skylands forever. This game would be ideal for younger gamers and those who are fans of the series. The Wii and 3DS versions of the game are different from the rest as they are only about racing, also if you have the all new Apple TV, you can even get the game on that platform.

The third entry in the Disney Infinity series brings Star Wars to the mix, which means that Disney, Pixar, Marvel and now Star Wars are all there for you to enjoy. Players have access right now to three different playsets, two Star Wars and one based on the Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out. Anyone who picks up the starter kit, can then use any additional Star Wars characters in the game by collecting the character coin, including the ones yet to be released from the new movie.

Players who have any existing figures or power discs can use them in the game as well, in addition there is also two new Toy Box Adventures for players to get, one is a Diablo styled dungeon crawler, the other a kart racer. There are still more playsets to come, including one based on Star Wars The Force Awakens and Marvel Battlegrounds, add to that the all new Toy Box, players will have almost unlimited options available to them.

The music game genre had been gone for some time, but it came back this year with a huge impact, the biggest Guitar Hero Live. This time, you are not just looking at your avatar as they attempt to match the moves on screen, you are now the guitarist, with a first person view, watching over the crowds who will react to you in real time. Keep rocking out right and the crowd will dig it, but if you keep missing the notes, the crowd will turn on you and even the members of your band will look at you with disappointment across their faces.

Of course, there is also more to the game than just shredding the on disc content, Guitar Hero Live also comes with GHTV, a streaming service where you can jump in and start playing whatever is on. There are premium shows on top of that, with some of them recorded live just weeks ago and now available for players to enjoy already.

The team behind some of the biggest games ever are back with Fallout 4 and they have done an impressive job of bringing a varied and immersive world to life. Players are set out into the world with a goal, but how they go about achieving that is up to them, heck you can even ignore the goal completely and do everything else. Past games from the team have given people around 200 hours of content to experience, minimum, with reports of their last game Skyrim, giving some players upwards of 1500 hours.

When exploring the wasteland becomes to bothersome or boring, you can then return to your settlement and build it out, you can actually create your own economy with traders and caravans and such. Really the only downside to the game is that you will need an incredible amount of time in order to experience everything that the world has to offer.

This game is like Fallout, it is large, filled with countless things to do and will suck away time like one of its nasty creatures contained within, but it is worth it. The game offers up a very interesting story and a world unlike a lot of things we usually see, hags and werewolves prey upon innocents while man defiles all he can, the world is worth exploring, but the characters that you can interact with, really help make the world feel alive.

Included within the game is a card game called Gwent, which is simple to learn and difficult to master, it will provide countless hours of fun and the only reason you will stop playing is to go and get more cards within the game. I myself have almost 180 hours in the game and still have not crossed 60% complete, which goes to show, that again, the game is just filled with countless options.

There are countless more games for people to get and enjoy, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will take players to Victorian London at the turn of the century, Halo 5 Guardians will send players across the far reaches of space to uncover a dangerous plot

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