November 13, 2015

The Nintendo Direct Returns

After months of waiting Nintendo finally held another Nintendo Direct, the companies first since the passing of Satoru Iwata and while it has been sometime, they did not ease themselves back in, they jumped in.

Right of the bank they confirmed the almost real by that time Twilight Princess HD is in fact coming, on March 5th to be exact. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD is being ported to Wii U by Melbourne based Tantalus, who even got a call out in direct. Alongside the game, which will be visually remastered, along with other features, the game is getting its own amiibo and a special collectors edition at launch.

Players who want the Wolf Link amiibo without the game, can purchase that on its own later, but for those who want the big bundle, you will get it with the game, along with an official soundtrack. The Wolf Link amiibo is also compatible with the new upcoming Legend of Zelda title, which is set to release next year.

The Zelda news did not stop there, Nintendo also announced that as of the end of the presentation, gamers can pick up The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass and The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks on the Wii U Virtual Console. For a limited time, up until November 19th, if you purchase one of the games, you can get the second for half price.

Star Fox Zero also made another appearance, with a new trailer as well as a release window of April 2016. Check that out below

Alongside this, the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X, which is launching on December 5th got a new trailer, showing off a little of the fun you can have in the game, as well as a lot of action. The game will be releasing in a range of options, including a new bundle for those without a Wii U.

Splatoon was also talked about, when later today a new update will roll out that will deliver players with over 40 pieces of new gear, including items fit for wearing during the colder months. Two new stages were also shown off, Museum d'Alfonsino, which becomes playable from tomorrow and Mahi-Mahi Resort, a water themed level where the ground will actually shift around as the water level decreases. No details on when that stage will be available, but more updates will come through to January.

Pokken Tournament was also shown off, which lets you take selected Pokemon into the ring for a melee battle. Fans who purchase a first-run version of the game at retail will receive a limited-edition Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card that immediately unlocks the character in the game after tapping it to the GamePad. Pokk√©n Tournament launches in autumn 2016.

The Nintendo 3DS was not left out of the fun either, as new games and new details were announced, the biggest news is that Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow are coming to the Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS on February 27th next year.

The original game was all about trading with your friends, which at the time required a link cable, I still have mine. Of course, the 3DS does not support link cables, but they can talk to each other wirelessly, which means the games have been configured so you can trade your Pokemon with friends using that feature.

Hyrule Warrios Legends, was also shown off for Nintendo 3DS and features Tetra, Toon Link, The King of Red Dragons and Skull Kid as additional playable characters, but for the first time ever, Link is also represented in a new female form, with the new name of Linkle. Players can choose to play as the Hero of Hyrule, or now the Heroine if they want to.

Fire Emblem Fates was also given more details for its release in 2016. Players can purchase one of two titles at launch, Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright or Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, which will grant them a unique quest with a different story and experience. No matter which one players choose, they will be able to purchase the other through the e-shop for a reduced price.

There is even a third game available for purchase, Fire Emblem Fates Revelation, which will reveal secrets that players will uncover when player either of the other games. If you wanted to pick up all there, there is a special edition coming that will included all three games as well as an art book. The video below will explain it as well, note the prices are american.

Dragon Quest is one long running series and Square Enix confirmed that Dragon Quest 7 and Dragon Quest 8 are both coming to Australia and New Zealand next year.

Rounding out some of the rest of the news, Bravely Second: End Layer was announced and is coming early next year, with a collectors edition as well, that comes with a soundtrack, Agnes figure (not an amiibo) and deluxe artbook.

Steamworld Heist and Final Fantasy Explorers were also detailed, the Mega Man Legacy Collection for Nintendo 3DS is coming in February and anyone with the Mega Man amiibo will be able to unlock some exclusive Nintendo 3DS challenges.

Pokemon got even more games, with Pokemon Picross and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon announced.

That was pretty much it, until a trailer rolled at the very end and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII was announced as a fighter coming to Super Smash Bros for Wii U & Nintendo 3DS. Another direct is going to happen in December for Super Smash Bros, where hopefully we can learn more about the ballot that took place.

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