November 04, 2015

Roccat Unveils Modular Kiro Mouse

PAX Australia saw a number of hardware brands on display and one such brand was Roccat, who along with announcing their partnership with Alienware, were also announcing a brand new mouse, the Kiro.

I actually had the chance to chat with Tom Loske the PR Manager for Roccat about this new mouse and why it was important. The first thing that Tom pointed out was that the Kiro is designed for either hand, which means left handed people can now get a mouse designed for them, in order to achieve this Roccat designed the Kiro have removable side pieces that allow for an even wider range of options.

At first glance the mouse itself looks a little odd with buttons on both sides, but when you remove one and replace it with one of the other side panels it then resembles a standard gaming mouse, but should one of the provided pieces not be what you desire you can actually go out and custom print your own pieces, with the plans for those being provided by Roccat, there is even an option to get pieces online from their store, if you don’t have access to a printer.

I did ask Tom, why make a mouse like this and the response was something I did not expect, they had a desire internally to make a mouse for all. Current gaming mice can be expensive, but for the mice that have almost no gaming features, they can be bland in design and slow to function. The Kiro sports a 4000dpi, which means it will be able to keep you going in most competition levels, but as this is aimed at the entry level, you may want to hold off on that.

The mouse fit really nice in my hand when I tried it out and as it is only priced at $89.95, it means that it will be really well priced for those looking to start some dedicated gaming on their PC.

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