July 20, 2016

Rock Band Rivals Coming This October

Harmonix have been hard at work since Rock Band 4 released last year and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon, as Rock Band Rivals is now available to order ahead of its this October. One of the new additions is the Rockudrama.

Rockudrama is an all new campaign mode and the world’s first playable music documentary. Featuring a mix of live-action video, in-engine footage and classic Rock Band gameplay, Rockudrama dynamically tells the story of your band’s epic, and often hilarious, rise to fame. As players progress through their band’s memorable and winding road to glory, they will be introduced to a series of new venues and character assets that will be unlocked for play across all of Rock Band 4’s gameplay modes.

“Rock Band 4 was designed to be the ultimate social and party game for your living room. With the Rivals expansion, we’re entering new territory and giving people fresh and fun ways to play with other Rock Band players and our gigantic music library both in their living rooms and online,” said Daniel Sussman, Rock Band product manager. “With our innovative new modes and our amazing pre order offers we expect to see Rock Band fans new and old loving what Rock Band Rivals will offer this October.”

Rivals mode will introduce the biggest evolution to the Rock Band meta game in the franchise’s history. In Rivals, players will form crews of up to ten people to take on other crews around the world in a structured and ongoing series of unique gameplay challenges. Regardless of skill level, players will be able to make meaningful contributions to the fate of their crew and impact their crew’s weekly rise and fall against their chosen rival groups. Additional details about Rivals mode will be revealed at PAX West this September.

Following the precedent set by Rock Band 4, Rock Band Rivals will be supported with regular, free monthly updates following launch. Including the release of synchronous online multiplayer in December.

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