July 27, 2016

Nintendo Selects Brings Indie Titles To Retail For The First Time

Nintendo has announced that on October 1st, some of the best indie titles from Wii U will be released in store for the first time as part of the Nintendo Selects range. Fast Racing Neo and The Steamworld Collection are both going to bring amazing gameplay to retail.

FAST Racing NEO sees players race through a futuristic sci-fi world at incredible speeds, putting their skills to the test in anti-gravity vehicles. With a challenging single-player mode, four-player split-screen or eight-player online, pilots race through dense jungle areas, futuristic cities, abandoned mines in the depths of the earth, and finally up into the stratosphere and beyond.

There’ll be even more tracks to enjoy with the Nintendo eShop Selects version of this release, as the eight downloadable courses contained in the upcoming NEO Future Pack will be included on the disc. The NEO Future Pack will also be made available for owners of the download version to purchase from October 1 in Australia and New Zealand.

If Fast Racing Neo is a little too fast for you, then you can take back and enjoy the Steamworld Collection

These two games offer a level of replayability that is not often seen in games these days, be it mining deep into the core of a planet, or rocketing around space and taking down evil. Both games are well worth the investment.

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