July 07, 2016

EB Expo Is Bringing Some Of The Hottest Games To Players This Year

EB Expo is fast approaching for another year and the team behind the event are working hard to give players even more choices of things to see and do at the annual gaming event.

This year, players can indulge in the new Pokemon Zone or Minecraft Zone, where they can really live the experience of those universes. For example, the Pokemon Zone will contain some of the following:

But, if you are more into the games, then some early titles have been announced that fans can get hands on with

There are likely to be more titles announced as the event gets closer to release, but for now, what has been announced, with the four above not even being all of them, is a really good list.

If you want to get your tickets, you can do that online here, or pop into your local EB Games store.

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