June 07, 2016

Xbox One Is Evolving This Winter

Xbox has again, released a new video that showcases some of the new additions and improvements coming to the Xbox One dashboard sometime this winter, with beta invites set to role out soon.

The single thing that excites me most from these new features is the updated My Games & Apps page, where finally, you can see more than a few games on screen at once. Now you will see the games listed in a giant grid that you can scroll down through, but if you want more on the screen, you can also shrink them down to fit more.

You can now group them, making it easier to jump to letters and more. Plus on the upside, the ready to install section, has been moved from the end of nowhere it currently resides to the left hand nav bar.

Cortana coming to Xbox One is a big thing, with the assistant on PC, I have found myself just saying Hey Cortana and asking questions and opening apps, just because its so simple. While I don't envision using this for much on the Xbox, it is still nice to have.

There are even way more features and changes coming, that were not even mentioned in the video, so be sure to hit up the official blog to get all the details. Of course, wherever it says Summer, just make it Winter and you are back on track for Australia.

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