June 15, 2016

Legend of Zelda amiibo Coming With The Game

Nintendo took the doors off the new Legend of Zelda game this morning and part of that release was the announcement of three new amiibo based on the game. There is Archer Link, Guardian and Rider Link, with the amazing news that the Guardian amiibo has arms that can be moved around.

The first of the amiibo announced is Archer Link, as with the others, no details have been given on what they do, but they do look amazing.

The second of the amiibo is the Guardian, the giant robotic spider that was in the debut trailer back in 2014. As stated above, the arms of the Guardian can be moved, making this the first ever poseable amiibo.

The final amiibo is the Rider Link, which features Link, mounted upon Epona, with sword drawn

No release date for the amiibo has been given, but expect them closer to the launch of the game, rather than sooner.

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