November 01, 2015

Outlook For iOS And Android Gains Momentum, Gets New Look

Some tech news for people who have iOS or Android devices as the Outlook app is getting a wealth of new features to help people get through their email all the much faster. Sporting a new look thanks to Sunrise, the new version is out now for iOS and Android users will get it early this month. For those with Windows Phones, it will come pre-installed on Windows 10 Mobile.

Outlook for iOS receives a clean, refined new look that puts your email, calendar, people and files front and center. Throughout the app, we focused on improving the small but important details that add up to making Outlook the best designed, most powerful mobile email app available. We tweaked UI elements by adding visual cues to help you see and process information more quickly at a glance. We also improved navigation around the app and made key features more prominent—so you can do more with fewer taps. When getting work done on the go, it’s these little time savers that count.

To learn what is new and how the team are listening to feedback from the users, head over to the official Outlook Blog.

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