October 14, 2015

Roccat Is Bringing Back A Legend - Kova

Roccat has announced that the very very popular Kova[+] is getting a spiritual successor in the form of the all new Kova, which is an ambidextrous gaming mouse.

The new Kova features a sleek, ambidextrous design suitable for left- and right-handers alike and is built for power and speed, the mouse places a strong emphasis on raw performance. The result is streamlined, sports-car like aesthetics with doubled-up core functionality. The mouse is equipped with a latest generation Pro-Optic R6 sensor with 3500 native dpi featuring Overdrive mode. Overdrive allows for a stable dpi double-up, resulting in an effective dpi of 7000.

For those looking for to switch things up, there is also a black model as well, but both come with what they are calling Smart Buttons, they form part of an overall intuitive button layout designed for lightning-fast reactions to in-game events. Optimally placed within finger-tip reach, the Smart Cast buttons add a new level of reflexive control for fast-paced games and facilitate rapid combos and easy switching between, for example, weapons or ammo types, and so on.

The mouse will be available at EB Games stores at the end of November for $109.95, so be sure to be on the look out for it.

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