October 30, 2015

PAX Australia - Razer Wildcat Hands On

It seems that Xbox are not the only group getting in on the pro controller front this year as Razer are also bringing their own pro controller to market, the Wildcat is one heck of a device. For anyone who has gone hands on with the Xbox Elite controller, the first thing that you will notice is that the Wildcat is lighter, not by leaps and bounds, 100g is all the difference amounts to, but it is enough that you will notice.

It comes with the option to store two different profiles, so you can have one for your favourite shooter and one for everything else. The undersize of the controller has micro triggers, which has the option to take commands in lieu of another button from the front. Also located on the back are switches where you can tighten the triggers, in turn meaning the distance between you pushing down on the trigger and the action starting up is almost nothing.

Back on the front of the controller are buttons that allow you to control the volume for when you have headphones plugged in. What is cool is that you can actually remap the buttons on the controller and this won't impact your game settings, this is purely on the controller itself and again if you setup two different profiles you can't really go wrong.

A proper review will take some time as a controller really needs to go through some solid gaming sessions, but first impression are good, it sits well in the hand, the thumbsticks are responsive. The only downside to some people is it is corded, for me it is not an issue, but for others it might be.

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