October 30, 2015

PAX Australia - Razer Mamba Hands On

Razer were showing off their new Mamba mouse at PAX Australia and while it was the tournament edition of the device, the only difference between the two is one is dedicated corded, the other its optional.

Right of the bat, the moment I placed my hand upon the mouse, it just fit. There have been times with other mice that it takes a moment or two to feel right, or I have to slide my hand backwards until it clicks, but the Mamba I had no issue. Along the left side of the mouse is your back and forward buttons, which are pretty standard, but just below them is a thumb grip, something I did not think to find. Some gaming mice have a lip, a space for your thumb to rest when your not using it, but that adds space to the mouse and can in competitions be more of a curse than a blessing, but here it has been replaced with a very nice grip, which is meant to allow your thumb to rest. Of course after a tense gaming session, that might be a different story, but for now it works fine.

The scroll wheel upon the top can also push to the side, so you can use that for additional commands should the need arise. The wheel itself has a slight texturing to it, which helps keep your finger on it when you want it there. Also nestled behind it are two addition buttons, which allow you to change the DPI on the fly.

Speaking of that, the DPI is meant to be a massive 16,000 which is quite the impressive number, which means that it should be as responsive as you could even want a mouse to be. But while that number is impressive, it pails in comparison of the colours you can select, over 16 million possible colours can be applied to the mouse, which means you can set the mood, depending on the game.

Initial hands on shows nothing but good things for the Mamba, I myself won't use the lights, but I can see things good things in its future.

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