October 24, 2015

More Details On Star Wars Battlefront's Hero Vehicles

EA Games and Dice have detailed what players can expect to feel and experience when they jump behind the sticks of two of Star Wars most legendary ships, Slave 1 and the Millennium Falcon.

“I think everyone that’s ever seen Star Wars™ has had the dream of entering a fight with the legendary, slick starships of Han Solo or Boba Fett,” says Senior Designer Bj√∂rn Sundell.
There are many fantasy-fulfilling sides to Star Wars™ Battlefront™, and Sundell has spent the last few years designing one of those aspects. There are plenty of memorable Star Wars vehicles in the game but in the Fighter Squadron game mode, two particularly iconic ones are waiting to be piloted by you: Slave I and the Millennium Falcon.
To learn all about what you can do and maybe even a tip or two when your being chased by one of these iconic ships, head over to the official blog to read about it.

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