October 16, 2015

Jot Dash iPad Stylus - Review

When I first got word that I was being sent a stylus that works with iPad and iPhones to review, I pictured this large bulky item, with a large rubber tip, just like the rest on the market, what turned up was something completely different.

The first thing you will notice about the Jot Dash is just how small it is, it is the same size as a standard pen, its light and feels really nice to hold. It is weighted in such a way that it never feels like it might fall from your hand if you don’t hold on to it and up the top is a little clip for attaching it to where you might like. The very top of the stylus contains a small black top, which is how you charge it, via the included charger and at the business end is a solid tip, which is smooth enough that it glides across the surface of the iPad I used it on without issue.

Of course, describing how a stylus looks is only a very small part of it, how it functions is more important and the Jot Dash worked really well. It was able to be a substitute for my finger in navigating around the iPad surface, and was able to be used in games without issue as well. The interesting part came when attempting to use it to write, using the built in notepad app, which in iOS 9 has a lot more features, I was able to create a small body of text that was easy to read. The app kept track of all that I was doing with only a few times it failed to register, but I put that on the app, as I used the Photoshop app and was able to use it without issue.

It is hard to write a lot to convince you to that a stylus for an iPad is a good thing to get, 99% of the apps won’t support it the way you might like it to, but if you’re a designer or like doing photo touch ups on the go, the stylus will come in handy.

Thanks to Gap Marketing for supplying the stylus for review

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