September 08, 2015

The ESL Arena To Take Centre Stage At PAX Aus

PAX Australia and the Australian Cyber League have announced that ESL, the world's leading eSports group is coming to PAX Australia for the first time. Where will they be, well turns out in a purpose built arena right on the show floor.

Featuring multiple games over the three days of the show, each with a significant prize pool, attendees can expect a diverse line up of eSports action on the show floor. The first title to be announced is SMITE presented by Hi-Rez Studios, with the Oceania Regional Championship finals scheduled for the Saturday. Playing before thousands of spectators, competing teams will vie for a share in a $50,000 plus cash prize pool with the winning team to represent the region at the SMITE 2016 World Championships in Atlanta, USA.

"eSports has grown to become such a massive cornerstone of the gaming community over the last decade, it only made sense that it would eventually become a prominent part of PAX Aus," said Guy Blomberg, PAX Content and Community Manager. "We want eSports in Australia specifically to be taken seriously as well, and this partnership with ESL and ACL Pro puts us all on the right track."

"Here at the Australian Cyber League we have long been looking up to ESL as the global leader in the space, producing some of world's best eSports events," said Nick Vanzetti, Managing Director at ACL. "It makes great sense to bring the ESL Arena to such a prestigious gaming event as PAX Aus. This opportunity allows us to level up the current eSports offering and truly put our region on the map."

If you have not gotten your tickets for PAX Australia yet, maybe you need to. 

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