September 09, 2015

Claim Back Your Phones Storage With iConnect

PQI are a company that have spent years building themselves as one of the worlds premiere data storage solutions, their latest release the iConnect is designed for all new iOS devices that use the lightning connector.

The iConnect is an Apple certified Lightning interface flash drive that can be plugged directly into an iOS device to store photos, music, movies and to back up contacts. With the iConnect, you will no longer have to go through your phone deleting old memories or trying to figure out which app you can live without. The iConnect will give you enough space so you never miss the next photo or video opportunity.

Depending on the size you want, the cost will vary but there are a range of sizes to suit every budget, with the starting size being 16gb up to 128gb. They are also available in three colours, Gold, Silver and Grey to match whatever colour device you have.

Be sure to check your favourite store for device purchases to pick one up yourself.

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